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An Exclusive Interview

The Origins of SAUCER

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Based on A True Story

SAUCER x Travis Walton

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The Closest Encounter

SAUCER x Calvin Parker

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the first-ever Crop Circle Trading Card Collection

SAUCER x Colin Andrews

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"It's an amazing collection!"

Travis Walton
Travis Walton

"I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!"

Calvin Parker
Calvin Parker

"I am honored to collaborate with Saucer. Great people, great products and so importantly supportive of the UFO study."

Colin Andrews
Colin Andrews

"Just the packaging, it's like this, it looks like the Roswell craft material, it's iridescent, I mean I'm telling you. I’m telling you when I receive a product from SAUCER, I know you can tell it's hand-done, and then every choice, even from just the packaging it really reminds me of the Flying Saucer stuff. And look, I think people need to, they'll see that when you give them a product but also just your passion for the details, that's what is so cool. You're continuously creating new product lines but all around the same idea of like elevating your craft. I think that's so important. You are doing that, not just saying that."

Extraordinary Beliefs - Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell
Jeremy Corbell