The Thomas Mantell UFO Incident of 1948
January 7, 1948, is a date that resonates in UFO history, marking the tragic and mysterious incident involving 25-year-old Captain Thomas F. Mantell. This Kentucky Air National Guard pilot's encounter with an unidentified flying object over Kentucky's skies has become...
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UAP vs. UFO - What's the difference?

UAP and UFO - they're the same thing, right? Not quite. With the two acronyms being used interchangeably, it's easy to confuse them. In this article, we will explore the definitions of UAP and UFO and discuss the key differences between the two terms.

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Saucers Over Washington - July 19th, 1952 - 1952 UFO Flap
On July 19th, 1952, an air-traffic controller at Washington National Airport spotted seven slow-moving unidentified objects on his radar screen. He called his supervisor over and even joked about the objects being a “fleet of flying saucers.” At the same time, two other air-traffic...
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