Bob Lazar Comes Forward - A Moment in UFO History

On Monday, May 15th, 1989, Bob Lazar came forward with his first-hand testimony of reverse engineering alien technology for the U.S. Government at a top-secret facility near Area 51. Since then, his story has become quite likely the most influential and controversial within Ufology and popular culture. Bob is the primary reason we all know of Area 51.

Whether you believe it or not, Bob's story has shaped how the world, beyond Ufology, perceives UFOs, Area 51, and alien technology. Lazar shocked the world when he came forward with his story of having been hired by the U.S. government to reverse engineer an alien spacecraft. He initially came forward to investigative journalist George Knapp for KLAS and was reluctant to do so. His story and KLAS' coverage of it was so captivating that it quickly became the network's most-viewed segment.

We're commemorating this iconic moment through a series of informational & educational videos inspired by Bob and his story.

When Bob's story first broke, it took the world by storm. Various media outlets from all over the world were covering the story and wanted to learn more. Almost 30 years later, investigative filmmaker and journalist Jeremey Corbell released a groundbreaking documentary covering Bob's story and giving us more insight into his time at S-4. The craft Bob worked on, which he named 'The Sport Model,' is among the most widely-recognized depictions of a flying saucer within today's popular culture.

Which is your favorite Bob Lazar sketch? Over the years, Bob has drawn the craft he worked on, a craft he named 'The Sport Model.' Some illustrations are more detailed than others, but the most famous perhaps is the sketch he made for Jeremy Corbell's film 'Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.'

Bob's sketches conceptualize pop culture's modern-day image of a flying saucer. Perhaps, this is not a coincidence. In the words of Jeremy Corbell, "Lazar's account and George Knapp's reporting - no matter your personal belief about the U.S. attempting to reverse engineer UFOs - made this craft iconic within popular culture."

In 2019, Bob went on The Joe Rogan Experience to discuss the technology of 'The Sport Model' and how it operates. When discussing the craft, Bob stated, "There's no wiring that connects any of the subcomponents together whatsoever. They just have to be in the immediate vicinity. The stuff is borderline magic."

Over the years, it has also been described that the craft had three small seats, seats too small to fit an average human. It can only be assumed that advanced beings, smaller than humans, piloted this advanced technology. We hadn't seen any recreation of how that might look, so we created an original animation to represent alien beings piloting The Sport Model as described by Bob Lazar.

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