Albert Einstein Examined Alien Bodies and Wreckage in Roswell, New Testimony Reveals

Albert Einstein Visited Roswell to Examine Alien Beings and a Spacecraft?

Albert Einstein is widely regarded as one of the greatest scientific minds of a generation. The 1947 Roswell UFO crash is known as the greatest mystery of all time. According to newly released testimony by Dr. Shirley Wright, Albert Einstein and herself were flown to Roswell, New Mexico, to analyze recovered alien bodies and a spacecraft.

While at Princeton, Dr. Shirley Wright was a student of Einstein's. She gained a special security clearance to accompany him on this trip to Roswell. She later earned PHDs in Physical Chemistry and Physical Science and was a chemistry professor for over 50 years.

This groundbreaking testimony was captured on audio tapes in 1993 by researcher Sheila Franklin. In the tapes, Wright mentions seeing the craft and bodies in a hangar at an airport facility. She then describes seeing the spacecraft as being made of reflective yet dull material. She says it was disc-shaped and concave. Wright recalls several people mentioning Roswell.

Wright also alludes to the notion that there was back and forth communication, perhaps telepathy, between the group she was with and the surviving beings. Her group asked several questions of the beings, and they responded. Wright said that the beings indicated that they were "definitely not from our galaxy."

When asked about how many beings there were, she said, "I saw nine. Eight bodies, and then later, we communicated with that one. So, there were nine." When describing the beings, she said they were approximately five feet tall and had enormous dark eyes with greyish-green skin. Wright said their suits seemed to be connected to their shoes and featured an insignia. When describing the material of the suits, she said, "I didn't recognize the fabric. It didn't look like any fabric that I would know as a chemist or even today that I would recognize."

The Audio Tapes

After nearly 30 years, a portion of the audiotapes was finally released by UFO investigator Anthony Bragalia with the permission of  Sheila Franklin, who had originally conducted the interview with Dr. Wright. Bragalia obtained the audio from Franklin and published portions of the tapes online.

Albert Einstein's Public Opinion on Flying Saucers

Einstein's opinion on flying saucers was publicly expressed through the media in July of 1952. When asked about his interest in the flying saucer mystery, Einstein responded with, "Those people have seen something. What it is I do not know and am not curious to know."

Although this statement by Einstein is very short, the globally-recognized scientist did not suggest that he believed the saucers to be imaginary or fictitious. He simply stated that he was unsure of what people were seeing and that he was not curious to find out.

(July 1952 Newspaper Clippings)

What Happened At Roswell?

The crash at Roswell is the most famous UFO incident in the world. In July of 1947, a strange craft crashed northwest of Roswell, Mexico. Several witnesses say it was a craft of extraterrestrial origin. On July 8th, 1947, The Roswell Daily Record published a front-page headline announcing that the Air Force had captured a Flying Saucer. Within just a few hours, this single headline sparked attention from all over the world. This headline, however, was quickly redacted, and the story was changed. Most accepted the new story that the saucer was just mistaken for weather balloon. After all, the Air Force provided photos to prove it.

It wasn't until several decades later, in the 1970s, that the incident resurfaced in a big way. Major Jesse Marcel, the man in the midst of it all, came forward with his claims that what was really recovered on the New Mexico ranch was an alien spacecraft. His testimony quickly gained popularity with the press, and soon thereafter, other witnesses came forward with their testimony.

You can read more about the Roswell Incident here.

(Left to right: Jesse Marcel Sr., Roger Ramey, Thomas DuBose)

Did Albert Einstein Really Examine Alien Bodies at Roswell?

Much like everything surrounding the Roswell Incident, there is no definitive proof that Einstein was in Roswell in 1947. However, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that he was not in Roswell at the time. The Albert Einstein Archives and the Einstein Papers Project were contacted regarding documentation on Einstein's whereabouts during the days immediately following the crash at Roswell. The effort to prove that Einstein was or was not in Roswell in July of 1947 was unsuccessful as both could not indicate his exact whereabouts at the time.

If this new testimony is true, the implications are astounding. As one of the most prolific figures of the 20th century, Albert Einstein could very well have been invited to examine beings and recovered wreckage from another world at Roswell in July of 1947.

Why wouldn't the USAF seek the opinion of one of the greatest scientists in the world on an incident that still baffles us all nearly 75 years later?

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